Pool Tips

While Pool Is Open: 

  • Check your baskets: Early spring and late fall are heavy foliage times (especially cotton-wood season). Skimmer and pump baskets should be emptied often……sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.
  • Gates:  Your gates should be self-latching and closed at all times.  When not using the pool or gate on fence, it should be locked.
  • Water Level:  We say normal water loss is approximately 1” per week due to splash out, evaporation and backwashing.  Any more than that (1” per week) and your pool may be leaking.
  • Water loss and a leaking pool:  A leaking pool should be addressed and corrected immediately!  Water loss can cause erosion causing structural problems, sunken decks, landscaping issues and costly water bills.
  • Toys:  Toys should be removed when no one is swimming as they tend to block the main drain, skimmers and pool cleaners.  These clogs can restrict flow and cause equipment failure.
  • Chemical balance:  We recommend computer water analysis after opening, mid-season and 2 weeks before closing.  Sanitizer, Ph and TA levels should be monitored daily or weekly. Water clarity depends on chemical balance.
  • Filter cleaning:  Sand filters should be backwashed when the PSI raises 3-5 lbs. or we say “as a rule of thumb-once a week”.  Cartridge and DE filters should have routine monthly cleanings (more often if a problem with the water) and these filters should be soaked in acid and filter cleaner annually. Water clarity depends on proper filtration.
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS):  Solids and other compounds (calcium, metals, cyanuric acid, etc) can build up in pool water causing water clarity problems and increased chemical consumption.  It is recommended that the pool be completely drained and filled with fresh city water approximately every 4 years ( or more if needed ) !!  The extended use of calcium based chemicals can cause increased problems.
  • Dogs and animals:  Dogs really consume chlorine levels in pools. Their hair can clog everything –especially filters.
  • How long to run your pump:  The objective is to filter (all the water) 100% of the water each day.  If there are clarity issues, then you must run the pump more often.  If your pool pump moves 3,000 gallons per hour and your pool is 30,000 gallons then you need to run your pump for 10 hours.  As a rule of thumb we say to run your pump 12 or more hours a day.  It doesn’t hurt to run the pump more often.  More often is actually better for the pool water and system.

While Pool Is Closed:

  • Water level:  Check water level under the cover to make sure pool is not leaking.  Try and pump off the water on top of the cover  several times over the winter, if weather permits you to.
  • Pool cover:  Pool covers should be checked at least several times per winter to make sure it is securely on the pool and deck.  If the pool cover is held on by water bags, it is best to check bags and cover often.  Water bags leak frequently and should be replaced as needed.
  • Water Clarity:  Extra chemicals used under the cover at closing and even during the winter can help keep the water clean and clear.

Be sure to trust your pool and spa to a qualified technician!

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